George Maust and Maria Magdalena Stein

George Maust, was born in 1767, one of eight children of Jacob and Catherine Maust. He grew up in Bedminster, northern Bucks County, surrounded by other German farming families like his own.1 George married Maria Magdalena Stein about 1793, the daughter of Peter Stein and Margaret Deemer.2 The next year George bought a tract of land in Tinicum from George and Charity Bennet.3 In 1801 George and Magdalena granted a corner of this land, 80 perches (about half an acre), to the trustees of the Tinicum burying ground, to be used for both congregations, Reformed and Lutheran.4 George and Magdalena themselves were members of Keller’s Lutheran, later at Tohickon Lutheran, judging from the baptisms of their children.

In 1798 they were living on 160 acres in Tinicum, in a stone and log house, 25 feet by 17 feet, one story, plus a large log barn.5 Nine years later, George’s father Jacob died. George was one of the executors of the will and shared in the estate, along with his seven siblings.6 George and Magdalena raised a large family, with children still at home through 1830.7

Magdalena died in 1840. George died in June 1849. He did not leave a will, and his estate was administered by his son Peter Maust and Joseph Meyers.8 The inventory was taken on June 18. It showed the goods of a prosperous farmer, including the usual farm and household goods.9 While George was making the cider and winnowing rye with the winnowing mill, his wife was making clothes from flannel, linen, and linsey. George could consult a silver watch and wind an eight-day clock. After the debts were paid, the administrators had $465 to distribute to the heirs.10 Magdalena and George were buried together at Lower Tinicum Union Cemetery, probably on land they had donated to the trustees years before.11

Children of George and Maria Magdalena: 12

Sarah, born January 26, 1794, died 1880.13 She married John Smetzer. They lived in Springfield Township, Bucks County, where John was a farmer. They had three children by 1840.14 The children were still there in 1850 and 1860.15 John died in 1863.16 Sarah died in 1880. Children: Israel, Malinda, John.17

Magdalene, born June 17,  1795, d. 1876.18 She married George Swope.19 He was a farmer. In 1850 they were living in Tinicum.20 In 1859 he made an agreement with his son Tobias to provide care for his wife Magdalene. George died in 1861. He left a will, written in 1859, proved in September 1861, naming his wife and seven children.21 Magdalene died in 1876. They are buried together at Lower Tinicum.22 Children: George, Tobias, Peter, Mary Ann, Susanna, Catherine, Elizabeth.

Jacob,  born December 11, 1796.23 Either he did not marry or his wife died early; in either case he had no children. In 1850 he was living with his widowed sister-in-law Barbara, and in 1860 with the family of his nephew George Swope. Jacob died in 1864. His heirs were his six living sisters and the children of his three brothers, all deceased.24 He was buried at Lower Tinicum Union with the same tombstone style as his parents.25

Susanna, born 179926, died 1879, married 1825 Samuel Trauger, son of John Frederick and Magdalena. In April 1836, Samuel and Susannah and their children moved by wagon 600 miles west to Richland County, Ohio. They built a log cabin and cleared land for a farm. The farm won a prize at three county contests as the best farm in Richland county.27 They were in Plymouth Township, Richland County in 1860 and 1870.28 In 1860 they had two children at home: Henry and Sevila. In 1870, only Samuel was living with them; son Tobias was next door with his family. Samuel died in 1879; Susanna died in 1879. They were buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Plymouth Township.29 Children: Jonas, Tobias, Henry, Franklin, Samuel, Salona, Lucy, Sevilla, Lovina.

Elizabeth, born about 1800, died after 1864, married Joseph Meyers. In the census of 1850 through 1870 they were living in Nockamixon, where he owned a farm. They had no children living at home.30

George, born 1801, died 1847, married Mary Ann Lear, daughter of Joseph and Mary Elizabeth. He owned 53 acres in Nockamixon. He died in 1847 and did not leave a will. George’s estate was not sufficient to pay his debts when he died and his creditors had to accept partial payment.31 Children Jonas, Ann Elizabeth, Sally, Maria.32

Peter, born Oct 1803, died 1853, married Anna Unruh, daughter of Philip and Barbara of Springfield Township, Philadelphia County.33 They lived in Germantown, then settled in adjoining Springfield Twp Peter died in 1853 intestate. He and Anna were buried at Ivy Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia County. Children: Barbara, Anna, Joseph, George, Samuel, Peter, John, Maria, James.34

Samuel, born 1806, died 1850, married Barbara White. Samuel was a stage coach driver and later postmaster for Pt. Pleasant. He died in an accident in May 1850 in Tinicum.35 He was buried at Lower Tinicum. In 1852, Michael Worman administered his estate. The land he had bought in 1848 from Abraham and Barbara Worman had to be sold to pay his debts; it was sold to Jacob Maust for $38.50 per acre.36 Barbara later married Jeremiah Worman and lived to be 97.37 Children: Aaron, Lydia.38

Catharine, born 1810, married a man named Bean.39 She was probably the  Mary Catherine who married John Bean about 1832. Catherine Bean, wife of John Bean, was buried in 1838.40 John married again, to Anna Mary Trauger, who died in 1849. He married finally a woman named Elizabeth, who died in 1887. The three wives are buried with John at Nockamixon Union Cemetery.41 Children of John: Sarah Charles, Jonas, Tobias, and Mary.42

Maria43, born 1813, died 1869, married Henry Krout. In 1850 they were in Bedminster with children Isaac, Reuben, Sofia, and Amos. By 1860 they added three more children.44 Maria died in 1869; Henry died in 1893. They are buried at Lower Tinicum Cemetery.45 Children: Isaac, Reuben, Sofia, Amos, Lucinda, Saloma, Samuel.46


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  2. Peter Stein and his wife Anna Margarita were married in 1760 at Tohickon Union Church (Lutheran and Reformed sharing a building). Her name was given as Dieman, but it was probably Deemer. (Her parents have not been traced.) Peter and Margaret had children baptized between 1761 and 1779. He died in 1795 in Nockamixon, leaving his widow Margaret and four children.
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