The older children of Rudy and Elizabeth Basom

Rudy and Elizabeth Basom had fourteen known children. The four oldest sons all stayed close to the homestead in Perry County, and raised their families there.

Christian, sometimes called Christly, was born about 1783. About 1809 he married about 1809 Susannah Lang, daughter of Andrew and Eve.1 As the eldest son, he inherited a share in the family farm in Greenwood Township, Perry County, and lived on it until his death in early 1845.2 He was a cooper as well as a farmer.3 He and Susannah attended St. Michael’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and had at least two of their children baptized there.4 In the 1820 census they had five children; one of these might be one of Christian’s younger brothers and sisters. In the 1830 they had seven children, again one more than their known children.5 By 1840 only four children were in the household.6 In 1842 Christian was taxed in Greenwood Township, Juniata County, as a farmer.7

Christian left a will, written Jan 26, 1845, signed by mark, probated Feb. 10, 1845. The will named his beloved wife Susannah, to stay in the house, with financial support from the sons, son Christian Jr (to get the house “where he now lives” with five acres around it), other sons Jesse, John and Henry, daughters Mary Jobson and Sarah Chatham.8 Susannah died in 1881.9 The personal estate was not sufficient to pay his debts, so the house was sold on 6 April 1846 to Joseph Auker for $309.50. This was still not enough for the debts and they had to be prorated.10


Children of Christian and Susannah:11

Christian, b. March 15, 1810, d. Feb 3, 1894, m. ab. 1835 Jane Heiser; had 8 children. A carpenter and cooper, lived in Delaware Township, Juniata County. Jane died in 1892; he died 1894.12 They are buried at Newport Cemetery, Perry County.

Jesse Joseph, b. May 1, 1812, died unmarried.

Mary, b. March 10, 1818, m. John Jopson; r. Millerstown, Perry County in 1850; he was a carpenter.13 They were still there in the 1880 census.

Sarah, b. Aug 6, 1820, m. Samuel Chatham; lived in Millerstown next door to the Jopsons; Samuel was a boatman. Later moved to Butler County, PA. Sarah died in 1891; Samuel d. 1894; buried at Bear Creek Cemetery, Petrolia, Butler County.14

Henry, b. Oct 11, 1822, d. 24 June 1897, m. Amelia Jones,  worked as a laborer, had at least four children, stayed in Greenwood Township, Perry County.15 He served in the Civil War,  was buried at Marshall Chapel Cemetery, Millerstown.16

John, b. April 4, 1825, taxed in Delaware Township as a laborer in 1851.17 He married Sarah Catherine Stahl. Still in Delaware Township in 1860, age 36, with Sarah C. and two young children (Sarah E. and Thomas), a laborer.18 They moved to Altoona, where he was killed in an accident in Nov 1875.19 Buried at Asbury United Methodist Cemetery, Altoona.20 Catherine, his widow, was still living in Altoona in 1906.21

Jacob was born in Feb 15 1786, married Catherine Albright (b. 1791) about 1812, and settled in West Perry Township, Union County, a little north of his brothers.22 Jacob and Catherine were there for the census of 1820 through 1850.23 In 1830 they were shown with eight children in the household, but the names of only six are known. There may have been two who died young. Jacob died in the spring of 1859; Catherine died in 1861.24  They are buried at the Graybill family Cemetery in West Perry Township.25

Children of Jacob and Catherine:26

Elizabeth, b. 1817, d. 1892, m. Rev. John Shirk (1808-1863); a farmer in Monroe Township, Juniata in 1860.27 Had 12 known children. After John died Elizabeth lived with a daughter.28 Buried at the Brick Cemetery, also known as Shelley’s, in Richfield, Juniata County.29

Rachel “Fannie”, b. 1821 or 1822, d. 1900, m. John Page, a farmer, lived in Snyder and Union County30, had ten children. In 1850 they lived close to Jacob and Catherine, and Fannie’s brother Tobias was living with them.31 In 1860 in Perry Township, Snyder County with 8 children.32 She died in 1900.33

Susannah, b. Nov 29, 1826, d. Sept 7, 1908, m. Joseph G. Winey, a carpenter, son of Amos Winey and Barbara Graybill.34 In 1860 in West Perry Township, Snyder County, with four children, and an older woman Magdaline Graybill, age 62.35 In 1900 Susanna was widowed, living alone in Richfield, Monroe Township, Juniata County.36 She died there in 1908, age 81.37 Buried at Cross Roads Mennonite Cemetery.

Jacob, b. May 4, 1828, d. 16 Oct 1865 in Delaware Township, Juniata County, a farmer; m. Jane Christina Hostetler (1827-1903).38 Jacob left a will; Jane outlived him by many years. They had a son John and a daughter Emeline.39 Buried at Coffman-Gingrich Cemetery

Tobias, b. 1830, d. after 1872, living with the family of his sister Fanny and her husband John Page in 1850. 40. On April 22, 1852 he married Caroline Vanorman; they were married by Rev. Erlenmeyer; both lived in Richfield.41 In 1860 he was age 30, in Monroe Township, with a wife Caroline, age 28. He served in the Civil War, in the PA Militia.42 In the 1870 census in Monroe Township, Juniata County, with Caroline and a daughter Ellen, age 11.43  In 1872 he was called as a juror for Juniata County, living in Monroe Township.44

John, b. ab. 1835.45 He might be the John who appears in the 1870 census, living in Greenwood Township, a farmer, with wife Melinda and six children (Joseph, Sophia, May, John, Harry, Jonas). He is not the John who married Sarah C. Stahl (his cousin, son of Christian and Susannah) or the John who married Elizabeth Oren and served in the Civil War (probably his cousin once removed, son of Christian and Jane).46

Henry was born in 1790.47 He lived in a part of Greenwood Township that ended up in Mifflin County (later Juniata) instead of Perry County; he was a farmer. Around 1815 he married Susan Shirk, daughter of Michael Shirk, a Mennonite minister.48 They lived in Greenwood Township, part of which was separated off into Monroe Township, Juniata County in 1858.49 Henry wrote his will in 1841, named his wife Susan, children Michael, Samuel and Juliann. It was probated in June 1861.50 He is buried at Lost Creek Mennonite Burial Ground.51 Susan died in 1881 and is buried at the Brick Church (Shelley’s) in Monroe Township. She was not buried with Henry, possibly because she outlived him by twenty years.52  After he died she lived with her son Michael and daughter Juliana (who was divorced from her husband Abel Shaeffer by then).53 Henry and Susan had four children listed in the 1830 census in Greenwood Township, the three named in the will, plus a probable son Joseph who died young.

Children of Henry and Susan:54

Samuel S, b. 1819, d. 1898, m. Malinda Sheaffer (d. February 1884); they were Mennonites; buried at Shelley’s old brick church near Richfield55; lived in Perry Township, Union County in 1850. A farmer in 186056 He was still there in 1870 and 1880, now a butcher. Samuel and Malinda had over 15 children (available lists differ slightly). Their son Henry Basom was a Evangelical minister who kept a journal, available online.57 Their son Jacob lived in Monroe Township, Juniata County, married Angeline Lauver, was active in the local Republican County Committee.58

Michael, b. 1820. The roving tinsmith described in a reminiscence by Theodore Long in 193659. Living in  Greenwood, Juniata County in 1848 and 1850, a single man.60 In 1860 he was living with his parents in Monroe township, still single. In 1870 he was living with his sister Juliann and widowed mother Susan.61 He may have died in Richfield,  Greenwood Township in 1895.62

Julia (or Juliann), b. 1823, m. Abel Sheaffer; he was a shoemaker. Lived in West Perry, Snyder Co. in 1860, divorced before 1880 when she was living with her aged mother Susan and brother Michael.63 She supposedly died in June 1893.64

Joseph, b. 21 July 1825, possibly died in 1836 at age 10.65

Samuel was born about 1792. In 1830 he was in Fermanagh, Mifflin County.66 By then he was married to Barbara Page and had five children, two boys and three girls.67 There are no birth records for Samuel’s family, and the identity of his children is conjectural. In 1840 Samuel was no longer in Fermanagh Township.68 There was a Samuel Basan or Basam in two nearby townships, one in Decatur with 10 children, and one in Granville with 6 children. It is difficult to decide which of these might be the right Samuel. He supposedly died in 1847 in Mifflintown, which is close to both Decatur and Granville, across the line in Juniata County.69 Barbara outlived him by twenty-five years.70

Barbara was born about 1792, but apparently fudged her age in several records. After Samuel died, she lived with her neighbors Joseph and Polly Pannebaker, possibly keeping house for them. She was listed in the census as 50 years old, making her born in 1800, an impossible date to reconcile with other evidence.71 The proximity is suggestive, since Samuel and Barbara lived next to the Pannebakers in 1830. Samuel and Barbara’s granddaughter Martha would grow up to marry Moses Pannebaker, son of Joseph and Polly. According to Barbara’s obituary she died in Mifflintown, Juniata County on May 26, 1873 at the age of 77 years and 17 days. 72 Once again this was off by four years.

It is interesting that Samuel and Barbara named a son Amos Winey Basom.There was a large Winey family in the area, Mennonites, with an Amos born 1800, son of Jacob Winey and Anna Keeler. Amos was an admirable Mennonite, raising 13 children, four of whom became ministers.73 Since there is no obvious family relation between Samuel and Barbara and the Wineys, the name was possibly a tribute to Amos as a fellow Mennonite.

Probable children of Samuel and Barbara:74

Catherine, b. ab. 1820, m. Christian Martin, lived in Juniata County where he was a carpenter.75 In 1850 they were in Greenwood Township, in 1860 in Monroe Township (split off from Greenwood in 1858). Catherine was obviously his second wife, married on June 12, 1842; in 1850 he had six older children, then a gap, then the five children with Catherine.76 By 1860 they added three more children. By 1870 they were in Fayette County, Iowa, where Christian worked as a millwright. Seven of the children were still living with them; the oldest three were working.77 Note that they named their seventh son Seventh (or Septimus?).

Martha “Muzzy”, b. Aug 1822 Fayette Twp, Juniata Co, d. 7 Dec 1904 in Mifflintown, buried in Westminster Presbyterian Cemetery, m. Alexander Ellis (1816-Aug 1886) around 1839; had 9 children, the oldest were Samuel and Catherine. In 1850 in Mifflintown, Juniata County with 4 children; the oldest was 10, showing that Martha married quite young. Alexander was a blacksmith.78 In 1860 now in Fermanagh Township, Juniata County, with seven children.79 In 1870 in Mifflintown, still with six children.80 In 1880, now in Lewistown, with only two children at home.81  By 1900 Alexander was gone, and Martha was living with her son Steward, a grocery man in Mifflintown.82 In addition to the nine known children, they had several who died young.83

Amos Winey, b. April 1824, married Sarah McCurdy on Sept 7, 1848, moved to Iowa, died there in March 1900, a farmer and cabinet maker. In 1850 he was living on the Thomas McCurdy farm in Fermanagh Township, Juniata County, 25 years old, married to Thomas’ daughter Sarah.84 Although listed as a farmer, he also appears about the same time in the tax list for Fermanagh as a cabinetmaker.85 He and Sarah had children Fremont, Victoria J. and Eva. They moved to Iowa in 1855 and remained there.86 In 1856 he was assessed for keeping a hotel.87 Sarah died in Carroll County Iowa in 1893. After her death Amos and his daughters took the son Fremont to court over the farm. Amos had a bad temper and did not get along with his family; in fact he left them for several years and went back to Pennsylvania.88  In any case, Amos returned to Iowa and was buried there in March 1900.89

Simon, b. ab. 1825, d. 1874 in Mifflintown, m. Lydia Howe about 1846, m. Susanna Boyd in 1854, had 2 daughters with each wife, plus a son with Susanna; a carpenter and later a painter and seller of wallpaper; served in the Civil War. He died in 1874 probably of tuberculosis, and was buried in Union Cemetery, Walker Township. His obituary described him as a good man and a Sunday school teacher in the Methodist church.90

Elizabeth, born April 29, 1828, died June 21, 1906 in Fermanagh Township, Juniata County, married Jacob Reynolds, buried at Lost Creek Cemetery.91 In 1860 census in Fermanagh, with seven children.92  In the 1870 census in Fermanagh Township, with nine children, where he was a farmer.93 Jacob registered for the draft for the Civil War in 1863, for the 9-months service, living in Fermanagh.94

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